Truck Pull Competition Heats up with Edge Products

Truck Puller’s Unite with Sled Pull Power!

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What’s better than 1000’s of Foot-pounds ripping up a dirt track pulling a couple tons of slid to the delight of everyone? Almost nothing!

Edge Products Announces Title Sponsorship of 2012 United Pullers Series

United Pullers Unveils 2012 Edge Pulling Series

OGDEN, UTEdge Products is pleased to announce a partnership with United Pullers to act as the title sponsor of the series for the 2012 season.  The Edge Pulling Series will include all of United’s events held in the Rocky Mountain region.  Weekend on the Edge will become an official United Pullers event in 2012 and will serve as the flagship national show within the Edge Pulling Series.

“The opportunity to partner with United provides us with numerous opportunities to support the diesel community and to participate within a growing sport together with our end users and dealers.” said Joe Dussol, Director of Marketing at Edge Products. Dussol continued, “Aligning our brand with diesel enthusiasts is a key element for our long term success. Given the proximity of United’s events in the region, partnered with their reputation in the industry, we couldn’t ask for a better group to work with.”

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United Pullers have facilitated sled pulling events for many years and will look to Edge Products to enhance their overall promotion of the series. “Getting Edge Products on board for 2012 is a huge step for our organization.” said Sklyer Neibaur, Promoter for United Pullers. Edge Products and United Pullers plan to announce some exciting news regarding Weekend on the Edge within the upcoming weeks. Neibaur commented “Our competitors have seen what Edge Products can do promoting their Weekend on the Edge event.  We’re teaming up with a leader in the truck space. Edge Products will be a tremendous partner for us moving forward for all of our events.”

Sled pulling has grown exponentially as a whole across the United States. Traditionally, the Midwest has served as the region hosting the largest sled pulling events in the country. Edge Products and United Pullers hope to continue growing the sport in the Rocky Mountain region and provide pullers from across the nation with a sanctioned series that can accommodate competitors within a variety of categories.

United Pullers is based out of Ogden, UT and facilitates truck and tractor pulls across the Rocky Mountain region. The team at United has been running events for over 25 years and United Pullers was founded in 2005.  For more information visit

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