What Does Your Garage Say About You?

What does your garage say about you?

People say that the clothes make the man, or that you are what you drive, and there are a million or so other cheesy sayings just like those that will apparently tell us all that we need to know about you. Yeah, right.

How about “What does your garage say about you?” I think that would be a far more telling peek into who you are than your choose of shoes or jacket.

This garage’s owner is at least slightly noncommittal! He can’t decide if he actually wants his car in there or not, so he leaves space for it that never actually gets used. The couch is conspicuously uncovered meaning he might like to use it sometime, but its awkward positioning means he probably never actually does. Somewhere between cluttered and functional, this garage manages to be neither!

So what does your garage say about you? Is there a polyaspartic floor coating inlaid with flaming skulls or maybe a glossy black concrete stain? Did you go for a minimal industrial floor coating and concrete counters, or perhaps there’s zebra stripes and barber chair bolted into the center of your garage floor?

Well, that might be pushing it a bit.

Your garage does say a lot about you though. Do you favor style over function or is it a grease monkey paradise complete with buckets of used oil and those tell tale black/brown finger prints on every surface?

In this garage, everythin’s organized to a fault; there are even containers for his containers! The floor is kept noticeably clear, and probably always will be. This is the garage of a man with a sock drawer that’s organized by color and year of purchase. While the garage is clean, it’s by no means inviting.

When you’re creating your dream garage, one that both reflects who you are and performs as you need it to, you’ll have to consider everything from the ground up. If you intend to spend a great deal of time in your ‘happy place” and be judged by your choices, you need to make them smart ones. If you’re a slob in the garage then the last thing you want is light colored shelves or a pristine high gloss white garage floor coating and if you throw around engine parts like football then you may want to reconsider getting your shelving and such from your local “wicker warehouse.” If you’re a bit on the particular side about your toys and tools then proper storage is going to be an important purchase for you. Deep enough drawers, functional shelves, and open uncluttered spaces will help you maintain some semblance of order while you’re tinkering with your latest project.
Basically, what your garage says about you is up to you.

No matter what your garage says about you, don’t let it be boring. And if you really want to go with the barber chair, I’d suggest the polyaspartic. It’s all about the easy clean up my friends.

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