1960 Ford Falcon: 5 Days to Go – Unmasked

Homebuilt Ford Falcon by Greasegirl #7

ford falcon, 1960 ford falcon

I sanded the few rough spots with 320 grit and feathered them out slightly – then it was back to painting time! Falcon’s second coat of Suede Metallic Hot Rod Flatz went on tonight. I sprayed first (which didn’t seem as daunting as it did last night,) and Ethan took the gun for the last little bit getting a few hard-to-reach places. It’s nice to be able to work together as a team!

falcon engine bay

The finished product looks smooth and clean – the suede and metallic combined are dreamy! Peeling the masking tape and paper off was just like Christmas morning! It’s exciting to see the many hours of sanding and prep pay off!

ford falcon engine, inline six

Ethan also did most of the final assembly of the engine today – tomorrow he’ll attach the transmission before we drop it in. The fan pulley off of the old engine is being transplanted and still needs painted, although I kind of prefer it rusty…that’s just the hillbilly in me I guess!


Keeping on schedule, some more parts got cleaned tonight. I also tested the result of clay-barring the original eggshell white paint…it looks like it’ll come out pretty nicely. I even had found a little time to give myself an impromptu manicure…matching Falcon of course!


In the Garage Until: 11:49pm


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