1960 Starliner Part 1 – Low Mile Stocker

Low Miles, original, unrestored, starliner, ford

When you’re cruzin’ the LA Roadster show, you never know what you’ll find. Roadsters, yea, but like I’ve said before, the LA Roadsters brings out the best in all of SoCal. Here’s one of the best you’ll see anywhere from Rod Barrett of Rancho Dominguez, CA. This original and unrestored 1960 Galaxie Starliner has a little over 10,000 miles on the odo.

Kirk, Goodguys, May Cause Dangerous, 1960 StarlinerThis is part 1 of 2 Ford Starliners found this summer, but maybe there was a part ZERO?  KIRK! from Billetproof and now Goodguys Gazette fame has  (had, he sold it now) one of the finest 60 Starliners ever built. If you’ve never seen it, check it out in Kirk’s garage here.

So much has been written about Kirk’s ride, I’m skipping to this bad black beauty.

One thing 60 Starliner folks are happy to tell you is that they own the longest and widest Ford ever built. At 5.7 inches longer and five inches wider than the 1959 Ford, they’re still shorties compared to the 1959-60 Caddy coming in at 213.7 inches compared to the Cad’s 225.

Low Miles, original, unrestored, starliner, ford, galaxie

Looking around the web, I found numerous mentions of the super-long rear overhang on the 60 Starliner. No problem if you’re using Ford’s “Sporty” fastback as a racing platform as the NASCAR boys did, but look out for steep driveways or those cool aluminum rear gravel shield are toast!

Low Miles, original, unrestored, starliner, ford, galaxie

I caught Ron just as he parked this beauty and heard him say to some new mates from Australia that the car only had 10,740 miles on it. From 1960, that’s only 214 miles/year! Ron found the car with 7800 miles on it in upstate New York, so don’t think he’s not driving it. In fact, he said, “I never trailer it!”

Ron swore the for sale ad must be a mistake at only 7800 miles. He thought, “Don’t you mean 78-thousand?” But since Ron owned and raced a 1960 Starliner in his younger days, he called anyways and a deal was made. He’s heard offers since, but he asked, “Where will I find another like this?” You won’t.

Low Miles, original, unrestored, starliner, ford, galaxieLow Miles, original, unrestored, starliner, ford, galaxie

What originally caught my eye, before hearing the mileage, was the interior. Check it out! (Click to see the pic full size). I’ve been shooting pictures of interiors for my Falcon Wagon project and had to have one of this! What’s the best name for the patterned cloth insert on seats like this?  The sheen on the seat is from the originally installed clear vinyl seat covers. Everything inside is perfect.

Ron 292 cu. in. equipped stocker is backed by the 2 speed Fordomatic trans. Not as desirable as the 352 or later the 401 HP tri-powered 390 with a 4 speed, but hey, it purrs like new.

Low Miles, original, unrestored, starliner, ford, galaxie

So thanks to Ron for sharing some info about his Starliner and for parking right next to where I was walking. Got a lower mileage 1960 Starliner? I’d love to see it!

Look here for Part 2 of the 60 Starliner Series. This next one’s a hot rod!