Salt Water Fish Racing at 2013 Bonneville Speed Week

World’s Saltiest 1966 Barracuda!

1966 Plymouth Barracuda, 2013 Bonneville Speed Week


Normally when you see a car in impound, the crew attends the race car’s mechanical needs, if any, then starts cleaning and removing the salt from the last run. Don’tcha wanna look your best? (going to impound’s a good thing! Look here for Setting a Record at Bonneville)


1966 Plymouth Barracuda, 2013 Bonneville Speed Week

These are a couple cool-lighted morning shots of Robert (Bob) Dally’s 1966 Barracuda on the way back to the starting line to backup their record run on Sunday morning. Bob landed in impound since they went 113 mph on a soft 100 mph F/CPRO record. On Monday, the record was set at 115 mph, then again on Tuesday at their top speed of Speed Week 2013: 132.85 mph.  F-size engines are only up to 183 cu. in, so Bob’s Barracuda wasn’t running a Hemi, it was a little old slant 6.

Salty Grille!

1966 Plymouth Barracuda, 2013 Bonneville Speed Week

Bob and his crew didn’t spend much time cleaning, so it was an opportune time for me to grab some shots! As you could have guessed, some people complained about wet conditions out on the track and the ‘Cuda certainly shows that.

1966 Plymouth Barracuda, 2013 Bonneville Speed Week, barracuda grille  1966 Plymouth Barracuda, 2013 Bonneville Speed Week

This is a shot out back. Dig those cool emblems!!


From the Slant Six Forum, I found out a little more about how Bob did:

“Bob now holds the F/CPRO record at 132.85 MPH, with 3 runs of 134-136 MPH after that. The car should easily do 140s, but some engine trouble shut us down for this trip. The reason we had 3 runs of 135s is that the dang rev limiter on the MSD box, with dials set to 7100 RPM, was limiting at 6100 – sheesh. Once we fixed that, the next run dropped a cylinder. Doesn’t look too bad and will explain later.”


6000+ rpm from an inline six is running strong! I’m sure they’ll be back!


Until then, please enjoy the pictures. I’ll try to get in touch with Bob to get him these pictures. If you know him, please tell him about this story. Thanks!


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