2010 Goodguys Spring Nationals Autocross

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Car shows are fun, but I think I speak for alot of car owners when I say: “Get out of the lawn chairs!” Don’t get me wrong, time with friends catching up on new projects and great hot rod buys are essential to car shows, but what else is there to do? That’s where Autocross comes in…

At the 1st annual Goodguys Spring Nationals in Scottsdale, AZ, Goodguys added an event they call the “Street Challenge Autocross”.  Goodguys does a great job of setting up a small, twisty race course that’s perfect for taking cars normally at home on the the straight line quarter mile and forcing them to go left and right. Up for grabs is a set of BFG tires for winners in a few different classes including Vendor, Hot Rod and Street Rod. (Somebody help me with the classes… they’re not listed on Goodguys website)

So who was racing?

The winner of the hot rod autocross was my friend Doug Jerger in his 1934 Ford Roadster.

Googduys hot rod Autocross 1934 Roadster racing, squeegs kustom

Doug is the owner and chief painter at Squeeg’s Kustoms in Mesa, AZ. Doug’s built a couple America’s Most Beautiful Roadster contending hot rods including Todd Steven’s Hemi Powered 1932 hot rod and Doug’s own ride that I’ve seen him drive the heck out of: Another 32 Ford Roadster that was a beautiful, blown and driven hot rod. Here’s another shot of the class winning roadster.

Googduys hot rod Autocross 1934 Roadster racing, squeegs kustom

Goodguys draws all kinds of rides pre 1972, so hot rods weren’t the only show goers enjoying the autocross. Probably my favorite participant was this straight axled gasser from one of our local race tracks, Speedworld.

Googduys hot rod gasser Autocross straight axle drag race

Two thumbs up to this gasser! With Southwest Nostalgia Drags painted on the door and drilled axle for all to see, my man was alot more interested in laying down a couple smokey burnouts than setting low time. Way to go!

Also on the stranger side of things is this pickup:

pickup racing Autocross custom car show

Note the left rear wheel off the ground as these  ladies enjoyed taking everything the track had to offer, including a few cones. Obviously build for autocross, the old Dodge set a record for fan approval.

Googduys hot rod pickup Autocross custom truck

Why not a long bed Chevy pickup on the course? Goodguys designs the track targeting a max speed of 35 mph, so next year, I hope there’s at least double the participants.

So with the primered and patina’d trucks, this pristine 540 big block powered Camaro hit the track:

Hot Street Machine Big Block Camaro on the Autocross

Mark’s Camaro may not have one on the Autocross, but who cares! Rather than sit and watch, he showed his hot rod was built to be driven!  Mark’s a member here at MyRideisMe.com. Check out more picture of his Camaro here.

Look for more autocross pictures from Swanee here soon!  I’ll post the link…

So why didn’t more people take advantage of the autocross?

Any chance of having the autocross at the November Goodguys Show?

More pictures from the Autocross: