2010 Nite of the Hot Rods Car Show

Hot Rods and Custom Car Show Pictures

Story Contributed by MyRideisMe.com member: Nick Koljian “Hellcity316”

Hot rods, pin-ups, custom car, pictures, car show

It was that time of year again to mosey on down to the wharf and check this years Nite of the Hot Rods car show put on by the bay areas own Dragoons Car Club.

You may well know already from my past write up on last year’s show, Nite of the Hot Rods is held at the Riverview Lodge in Antioch, CA. Now for those you that are new to MyRideisMe.com let me break it down like this. For the past 4 years the Dragoons CC has been putting on a little shindig entitled “Nite of the Hot Rods”.

hot rods, custom cars, Antioch, cool cars, pictures

hot rods, custom cars, kustom, car show, Antioch

What makes this car show so special is that the lodge is right on the wharf and the show itself is held on a pier. The Riverview Lodge is a bar/seafood restaurant and was built back in 1948. As a staple of Antioch for years, it still carries that beat up Elks Lodge flavor with old wood seating and jacked-up dinning tables… a very cool and comfortable place to hang out or have a awesome car show! You look out of the restaurant bar window at the wharf. Now picture the lodge full of hot rod junkies and the pier stocked full of customs, rat rods and classic cars and you have the “Nite of the Hot Rods” car show.

pin-ups, hot rods, custom cars,kustom, culture, norcal, Car show

I try to roll in about 3 hours before sunset cause this show carries on into the night and if you are a rod owner and are looking to show off your ride, I suggest you get there early cause spots fill up quick. As I get in I notice that the usual crowd is here like Swankx CC, who are always representing in the bay area as well as Bay Bombs CC, Style Kings, Villians CC to name a few. This year I noticed Strangers CC from San Jose had rolled in with a Scotty Weeks pinstriped Caddy. I also noticed that Alex Gambino of Gambino Customs was cruising around the show as well.

hot rod pinups, custom car show, Hot Rod Show

Like always it was a very diverse show. You had bombs to customs and rats to roadsters. As far as the music, the dj was pinning cool tunes and when he wasn’t you had live music to tap your foot to. Charlottes Web and Oaklands Gearhead magazine had the vendor area sewn up. As always the show had it’s pin up contest and the winner would take home a cool hunnerd-bones and then get chased for the rest of the night by the pin-up paparazzi. All in a nights work.

hot rods, custom cars, kustom, car show, California

The sun started to set on the bay I grabbed a few more shots with Gunar Hanskens ride and the 2 coolest gals this side of Winnamucka Red & Cristina. As another night came to a close, so did another Nite of the Hot Rods so I made my rounds and said my goodbyes which sometimes takes a good 45 minutes as I’m sure you all well know. I’ll be back!

For more info on next years Nite of the Hot Rods or any other Dragoons CC events go to the Dragoon’s MySpace Page here: http://www.myspace.com/dragoonscc.

I took a few more pictures from the show. To see all the car show pictures click here.

Until next time, if I don’t see you at the show, I’ll see you on the streets.


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