2013 LA Roadster Show – ACME 1953 Chevy Thriftmaster

Chevrolet Advance Design Series – Custom Hauler

Another sweet ride for sale at the LA Roadster Show.

Chevy Thriftmaster, thriftmaster truck, thriftmaster pickup(click to see pictures full size)


If you haven’t been around MyRideisMe.com much, I’ll let you know, I usually don’t feature cars for sale. I mean, if it’s “My Ride is Me” then why you selling it? Also, I don’t typically get into bikes. Like to look at them, love the way they sound… just not my bag. But… this old Chevy truck spoke to me!


As part of the universal “ACME Services” this truck does it all. From Used Tires to Bail Bonds to Speed Equipment. I’m sorta guessing that this is a 1953 Chevy truck by the “Est 1953” on the door. The Chevrolet “Advance Design” series as they were called from 1947 until 1955 had some pretty small changes year to year. Did I get it right? Wing  or vent windows in the door didnt’ appear until 1951 and push-button door handles (like this truck has) didn’t appear until 1952. 1953 showed a change to the hood lettering for 3100, 3600 and so on based on load capacity, but look closely, this one says, “Chevrolet Thriftmaster”. That went away in late 1949. So… Well, let’s call it a 1953.


Chevy Thriftmaster, thriftmaster truck,


Dig how the bike fits into the tailgate. I coulda done without the faux bullet holes, but overall this is a tough truck!


Chevy Thriftmaster, custom motorcycle, thriftmaster pickup


Fitting securely in the custom tailgate relief is this old-looking scoot. I’d say, “Old” based on the patina, but I’ve seen a guy in Arizona fake patina well enough to completely fool me. What do ya think?


So there you have it. Breaking new ground with a custom hot rod truck and bike combo. Want to see more?


If you happen to know who the owner is, please leave a comment below. I’ll give credit and add a couple details about the bike… Thanks!