2nd Round – More Pictures from Viva 15 Car Show

Return to Viva – 2012 Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Car Show

Editor’s note: Mark’s been very kind to show his behind the lens work in this story and the last story about the great Rockabilly Weekender in Las Vegas. This time, take a listen as he give his impressions of the rides, the show and most importantly, the people that make the show great. Please make him feel welcome!

Going back to Viva Las Vegas again this year, can’t wait to see the Grease Pit Car Club from last year. A great group of guys and gals from LA, CA that have let my wife and I hang out with them every year. As a bonus this year, sounds like we have more members from San Diego, CA that are going to join us.

Thursday afternoon I arrived and couldn’t wait to get to the car area. The Valet parking lot all ready has cars lined up waiting to get in.
hot rods, rat rod, viva las vegas car show

Not a lot of cars in the car show area yet but that makes for better pictures. I like the contrast red and silver (on bad ass!)

Viva Las Vegas Car Show 2012, custom cars, custom paint

Grease Pit member, Raquel is driving her 1957 Chevy truck down from LA.
2012 Viva Las Vegas rockabilly weekender, car show pictures

I really like all the TIKI stuff , especially the pinstriping…

pinstriping, 2012 viva las vegas car show, pinstriping designs
Is this your work? Leave a comment and let us know so we can give you credit

2012 Viva Las Vegas, tiki design, tiki hot rods

I think cars look better on the move don’t you?
hot rods, viva las vegas car show, rat rods

What about this clean roadster?
Hot rod roadster, hot rods, viva las vegas car show 2012

Shifter or the brake?
rat rods, hot rods, rockabilly weekender

Nice clean wagon for pikesan (I approve!)
classic wagon, plymouth wagon, custom wagon

Make sure your girl has matching shoes to go with your paint job.
custom cars

It was just Thursday and now look its night time on Saturday already , that was quick.
hot rods, hot rod car show, viva las vegas weekenderviva 15, viva rockabilly weekender, hot rods
Click for full size image… (above)

hot rods and custom cars, custom car show, viva rockabilly

Got a few more shots before I had to leave on Sunday.

hot rods, viva las vegas car show, viva rockabilly weekenderhot rods, wide white walls, viva las vegas car show
Click for full size image…

Another fun trip with the Grease Pit gang , I’ll see you all next year.

It really made my day to finally meet some of you in person.
See Ya

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