Arizona Model T Streamliner Destroys a Record!

Bonneville Salt Flats: Streamliner Race Car

Bonneville Salt Flats, Streamliner - Model T 4 banger poweredThe Record setting crew from Arizona. This model T powered ‘banger’ is for real!

I was thrilled to find Tom Brawner of Scottsdale as a member at  Not only does Tom have a killer 1956 Chevy with perfect looking Real Rodder wheels with the Dow 7 coating, but he’s also got pictures of the the Corsair 3 T land speed racing streamliner powered by a turbocharged 4 cylinder!

Tom crew’s on the Corsair owned by Joel Young of Phoenix, Arizona.  He set a new world speed record for 4 cylinder flathead engine under 220 cubic inches with a speed of 130 mph. An amazing feat considering he was running on a 99.448 mph record set in 2004. Even more amazing, due to problems with the transmission shifter this record was set using only 1st and 2nd gear!

With the shifter problem resolved Corsair 3T bumped its previous record to 166 mph on its third run and backed it up the next day with a run of 154 mph for an average of 160mph. The slower speed on the forth run was due to a bad start and slick track.

Bonneville salt flats, Streamliner at sunrise on the saltCustom Trailer for Streamliners at Bonneville at Sunset

The photo above was taken on the salt and features from left to right,  Brad Taylor – crew member, Joel Young – driver and owner, Tom Brawner – crew member,  and Dennis Cling – crew member.

Here’s some powertrain details: 196 cu. in. Ford T flathead

Engine modifications? Special crank, rods, pistons and aluminum head. Turbo charged

Transmission: Jack Knight 2 speed trans axle with overdrive attachment for 4 forward speeds.

Class details: V4F/BFS, Vintage four cylinder flathead under 220 cu in. Blown fuel streamliner.

History of the car: The car was run as the Thermo King Diesel in the 70s, then the car was totally rebuilt to conform to current rules, but was repainted with the original Thermo King paint scheme.

For more pictures and a bunch of build pics of this really slick looking streamliner, check out Hawk’s custom garage here at

Thanks for the info Tom! I can’t believe with only 20 or so square miles to cover, I didn’t even see you out on the salt! All land speed racers are all welcome at a community for car lovers of all kinds. 3500+ members can’t be wrong so why not sign up today by entering your member name and email, that’s it!

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