Best of SEMA 2013 #3 – 1940 Ford Kosmic Outkast Pickup

Custom and Deadly 1940 Ford Truck at 2013 SEMA Show


Another SEMA 2013 Hot Rod and this one’s KOSMIC!


Looks like I’m on a 1940 Ford Hot Rod kick for SEMA Show 2013. Picking some of my favorite hot rods, it just so happens that one’s the 1940 Ford from Chaotic Customs (and #2 in my best of) and the other’s the “Kosmic Outcast” 1940 Ford Pickup, aka: “Intergalactic Weapon of Destruction!”  (at least that’s what the show card said!!)


SEMA Show 2013, hot rods, 1940 Ford Hot Rod Pickup, metal flake


I didn’t get a chance to talk with the owners or builders on this terrific custom hot rod, but I had to post pictures… if you can stand out in the shadow of the HUGE Ford display, then you’ve really stepped up, don’t you think? Hats off to the builders at Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle!


SEMA Show 2013, hot rods, 1940 Ford Hot Rod Pickup, blown olds rocket


Luckily, the show card tells part of the story… Besides proclaiming this the Intergalactic Weapon of Destruction, we learned the blown beast up front is a 1959 Oldsmobile 371 Rocket. And no, it’s not hooked to an old lady’s automatic… it’s hooked to a 5 speed TKO600! I totally dig how most of the groundbreaking cars I shoot these days choose manuals over automatics when trying to take over anything from a small town to a whole galaxy.


SEMA Show 2013, hot rods, custom trucks

These rear-facing mass atomizers, set to kill, are molded into the roof


After engine details, the show card reads like a used car lot: 1957 Olds, 1964 Buick Riviera, 1934 Ford, 1932 Ford, then 1960: Pontiac, Imperial and Plymouth Valiant. These cars donated parts for the interior, cowl, grille, headlights, taillights… (And made other sacrifices to aid in taking over Earth)


The custom tricks seem to be based on parts available to a 60’s customizer, right?


SEMA Show 2013, hot rods, 1940 Ford Hot Rod Pickup, 1960 Imperial Taillights

Do we have any 1960 Imperial fans in the house? Recognize these taillights? They look perfect with the spacey look of this flaked green custom truck.


SEMA Show 2013, hot rods, 1940 Ford Hot Rod Pickup, blown olds rocket

What is that eye-looking thing just up and to the left of the rear view mirror?


My parting shot is a close-up of the Weiand blown 371 Rocket sporting a six-pack of carbs. Who’s got a video of this thing running!? I’ll send a note over to the builders asking…


Until then, check out some great build pictures from Hot Rod Chassis’s website. I could have added another 50 pictures and not caught all the details! (I will ask the shop to let me have a good picture of the interior. It’s about as INTERGALACTIC as the custom frame…


As of 11/17, “Live from SEMA”  is still rock’n. Click the banner below or follow this link to see all the coverage from SEMA with Nitto Tires ace reporting team. (Site will be up for a while… check it out!)

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