Bonneville Speed Week 2010 Baddest Race Cars #2

Bonneville Salt Flats Race Car

2010 Bonneville Salt Flats, Streamliner,Race car

At the Bonneville Salt Flats, fast is fast, that’s one thing that can’t be disputed and it’s what separates land speed racing from other automotive events… the lack of subjectivity!

It’s funny that there aren’t really any awards at Bonneville Speed Week save for the “Hot Rod” trophy for the fastest race car of the week from any class. And did you know that there’s no money? You have to buy your jacket if you get into the 200mph club!  These guys do it for the pure pursuit of speed and that’s why this 200mph Flathead powered streamliner is one of the Baddest Race cars of the 2010 Bonneville Speed Week!

2010 Bonneville Salt Flats, Streamliner, land speed racing

I already told you about this streamliner in another story called: Arizona Model T Streamliner Destroys a Record! But that was 2009! Tom Brawner of Scottsdale, a member, crew member (and driver now, right Tom??) and fellow hot rodder with a too cool 1956 Chevy told me about this streamliner called the “Matrix Machine”. The record set last year started at under 100mph in 2004, then went to 160 last year and now, owner and driver Joel Young went 201.700 mph to join the 200mph Club and bump an already stout record by 40mph! Bad or what!? (Some engine details in the other story…)

2010 Bonneville Salt Flats, Streamliner, land speed racing

So what you say? Keep in mind, the V4F/BFS class Joel runs in has the same strict rules as the others. V4F refers to a vintage or pre-1935 American made 4 cylinder flatheads. This streamliner with a wheelbase limited to 95 inches is running a 194 cubic inch blown flathead.  Keep in mind the original 174 cube “banger” motor put out a whopping 20 horsepower. Joel, you’re at what thirty-thirty-five ponies now??

2010 Bonneville Salt Flats, Streamliner,Race car

So there’s no disputing. This is one of the baddest race cars of Bonneville Speed Week 2010. Who could question that? (Well?! Let’s hear ya?)

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