Day 1- Bonneville Speed Week 2011 – Spectre Performance

Round One goes to the Salt

2011 Bonneville Speed Week, Speedliner streamliner, land speed racing
2011 Bonneville Speed Week sponsored by Spectre Performance


My last post about the Spectre Performance “SpeedLiner” detailed THE PLAN. Everyone knew bringing 5 motors and trying to break 5 records was a stretch, but the team was motivated and prepared. Then “the salt” announced it’s plan.


Things started well. The streamliner, still naked of it’s lettering and B/BGS class was loaded on the trailer, first thing in the golden salt morning. In the 300 mph lane of the long course behind George Poteet’s “Speed Demon” streamliner and the mustard rocket called the “Maro Special” (also a 2010 Baddest Hot Rod at Bonneville), SpeedLiner patiently waited it’s turn.


2011 Bonneville Speedweek, spectre streamliner, bonneville streamliner
Spectre crew chief Steve Schmalz tugs on driver Kenny Hoover’s belts


Bonneville Streamliner, bonneville land speed racing, 2011 bonneville speedweek
The bell rings… the Spectre bullet is pushed down track until the 434 cubic inch Caddy motor drops into gear and starts making power. Like MMA, the first round lasted about five minutes.


What everyone hoped was a malfunction with the air shifter turned out to be this:

2011 Bonneville speed week, spectre streamliner, scta

What you’re seeing is the shredded remains of a quick-change gear set. Most of the teeth on both gears are gone, and look closely to see the cracked case. (click to see the picture full size)


2011 Bonneville Speed Week, parts destroyed

Only a dentist would be happy seeing almost every tooth ripped out. Only Royal Purple gear lube filled with metal fillings and bits remain. This one’s junk. BUT! We have a spare!


In the end, the team discovered that the boost controller, well, wasn’t. As the 1-2 shift point neared, the boost shot out-of-control causing the motor to rev 2000 rpm over redline.  The result is a 3-race old gear set having less teeth than ol’grandpa slobber jaw and the B-motor spun a bearing. It’s done for the week.


So out goes the B-motor and in bold move, the team will install the A/BFS motor or Record plan #4 for those of you scoring at home.


Stay tuned!! It wouldn’t or couldn’t be a great story without a little drama…

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