Budget Pro-Touring Mustang on the Track

1966 Mustang Fastback – Pro-Touring on a Budget

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One of the hightlights of the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational (aka OUSCI) was meeting Ron Schwarz, the owner of this extremely well done – homebuilt – 1966 Ford Mustang fastback. Sporting all the pro-touring trim, MyRideisMe.com featured this car long ago as part of a how-to story: Build A Pro-touring Mustang for $5000


The key point was, as you can imagine, “Do it yourself”.


With a few stickers, new wheels and a new, budget blowing LS motor, Ron’s Schwarz’s Mustang now cracks the wallet closer to $15,000, but I’d guess is still many thousands on-the-cheap compared to the other competitors at the Optima Invitational.

Fastback mustang, 1966 ford mustang, pro-touring mustang

Unbelievably, Ron finished 33rd in the Design challenge. I don’t know what those cats are looking for, but this was a ground up car featuring only what’s needed to go fast. Other than that, Ron finished just outside the top 20 on the Hot Lap Challenge and the Speed Stop Challenge, but did bring home a top 20 in the Autocross.


At least he can say he tied with the Lamborghini!


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