Chandler Car Show Shines Downtown

Sick Willys gasser Chandler arizona big block

Overcast skies and the threat of actually having to wear a jacket didn’t deter a great crowd from downtown Chandler, Arizona on February 27, 2010. For all the pictures I took click here.

I figured I’d lead with this Willys gasser. I waited for a few minutes to snap this shot with just a few legs in still walking by. It was pretty big crowd! Even stacked with great cars, I picked this one as my favorite just for it’s sheer gasser badness. Those who disagree are simply wrong!

While you’re looking at this picture, notice the air scoops on the front of the hood. These scoops fed the cross rammed big block Chevy. Cool setup.

Chandler, arizona, car show, willy gasser

Besides the Willys that stopped me in my tracks, I found this car. A 1954 Darrin confirmed by trusty Google! I shot one of these up at Barrett Jackson 2 years ago. A perfectly restored piece that went for big bucks and was worth it.  The sliding pocket doors on these are so different, you’ll know these when you see’m. Now I’ve seen 2 of the 435 ever built.

1954 Darrin with a 502 Chandler Arizona Car Show

An unusual car, no doubt, but look under the hood. At first I thought he’d put in a run-of-the-mill fuel injected small block. Maybe that’s all he SHOULD put in there given the body’s fiberglass and dig that stylish but tiny opening for cooling air. I wanted to ask the owner if it runs hot, but he was busy answering, “What’s that?” Then I saw what’s really stuffed in there:

classic car, hot rods, nice cars, Chandler Arizona Car Show

Squint and you can see “Ram Jet” and 502. Get some.

1932 Ford Roadster duece ardun head Chandler Arizona Car Show

Adding a little pedigree to the show, this is “Double Trouble” fresh from purchase at the Barrett Jackson auction. Also included on this definition of a hot rod‘s pedigree is a trip to the Grand National Roadster show as an “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster contender. I dubbed this one America’s Most Bitch’n Roadster. It is.

It was designed and sketched by my friend Jimmy Smith from right here in Arizona. Here’s the sketch.

Rat Rod, hot rods, pickup, quickchange Chandler Arizona Car Show

Making a, uhh… subtle transition from Double Trouble, dig this hot rod. I always hesitate to call it a rat rod, but maybe alot of people would. Hey guys, it may just be unfinished! With the detailed rear suspension still visible and the trick side draft carbed straight six Chevy it ran, I’m just gonna say bad, crowd pleasing hot rod let you decide what you want to call it.

Finally, this is my man Branden’s ride. (He’s a member at so look at his garage here.)

rat rods, hot rod, custom cars Chandler Arizona Car Show

I don’t think Branden minds if we call it a “rat rod”. With the spikes on the headlights, the rusty water pump and general lack of shine, I think it fits. But if you look really closely, there’s alot of well thought out planning shown. The pickup bed features a couple artillery cases for storage and this thing’s Branden’s daily driver so it’s solid.

Branden’s wife’s been fighting cancer since I’ve known him but he told me today she’s now cancer free. Right on!! When you see him shake his hand or give him a hug for goodness sakes!  His family’s been through alot and survived it.  I’m sure they’re all stronger now.

From the positive reaction other cancer patients have had to his car, Branden suggested a run out the the hospital to try and cheer up the patients. Who’s up for a ride to help out some folks who could use a smile?  More info to come soon on a cruise to the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Goodyear.

Ending on a positive note then, check out all my pictures from downtown Chandler. We’ll see you around town!


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