2010 Long Beach Motorama – And The Winner Is…

Kustom D’Elegance Winner at 2010 Motorama Custom Car Show

Custom car, long beach, car show, Kustom DElegance Award

If you’re into customs, then the Long Beach Motorama is not to be missed! Although there are plenty of beautiful cars (like the ones I featured in my Motorama – First Look article) the highlight of the show is the Kustom D’Elegance award. Each of the dozen-plus contenders impressed in their own way… just being in the room sets these cars apart from the pack. However, just one could win the $20,000 cash prize along with a place on the perpetual trophy!

2010 Motorama, Long Beach, custom cars

As soon as you walk on into the Long Beach Arena, the red carpet leads you on past each of the skillful and innovative kustoms. Each one was fantastic…

1959 Cadillac, Custom car, motorama

This roof- hammered 1959 Cadillac came all the way from Australia and was, I’m sure, one of the most customized cars present.

Custom cars, Kustom DElegnace, long beach, car show

Custom cars, Motorama, Kustom DElegance

Custom Truck, Ford Pickup, Winfield, motorama

Gene Winfield’s old 1935 Ford Pickup shop truck , which had disappeared in 1965, was found in 2008 and resurrected to beautiful completion by Hatfield Restorations.

1949 Buick, custom car, kustom, Motorama

1936 Auburn Roadster, custom cars, car show

This 1936 Auburn Roadster had some nice appeal.

Custom cars, DElegnace, motorama,long beach

Custom cars, Kustom DElegnace, car show

1946 Ford, custom car, motorama

Voodoo Larry’s newly completed 1946 Ford was in the running also. Those of you who don’t know him- although he’s from Chicago, he shows up in SoCal often! Another car of his won best of show at Ink and Iron in 2009.

custom cars, Cadillac, John D'Agostino, Kustom DElegnace

This pink wonder came out of John D’Agostino’s shop. Make sure to check out D’Agostino’s 1959 Cadillac Biarritz.

1951 Mercury, custom cars, motorama

This 1951 Mercury had an equally eye-catching color… painted by Gene Winfield, of course.

custom cars, 1951 Chevy Coupe, motorama

Pretty in scallops is this 1951 Chevy Coupe.

custom cars, 1951 Mercury, motorama, car show

Another 1951 Mercury is this ruby.

custom cars, 1950 Chevy Coupe, car show

You should see the lime color on this 1950 Chevy Coupe – the lime plastic inserts in the roof shine lime-colored light into the cab too!

And… last, but not least… the winner of the Kustom D’Elegance award…

Winner Motorama Kustom DElegance, 1950 Cadillac

This 1950 Cadillac Roadster came out of Rick Dore Kustoms and was a beauty to look at… if only I could’ve taken her out for the nightly cruise at the Motorama!

Which one do you like best? If you missed the show, there’s always next year… keep tabs over at the Long Beach Motorama website.

Think this year’s car shows are finished??? Think again! GreaseGirl will be at The Bedlam Ball down in San Pedro this weekend, along with her car club The Gasoline Girls. Then at the end of the month is Gene Winfield’s custom show out in Mojave, CA. And don’t forget the Hot Rod Reunion at Famoso!

Hope to see ya out there! Happy Trails

(Thanks to Mitzi & Co for many of the lovely pictures and watch for her pinup shots next!)
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