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2010 Motorama Custom Car Show

Just when you thought the car show season was coming to the end, there’s one more you don’t want to miss! The Long Beach Motorama, featuring the Showcase of Kustoms, was created specifically to feature the top custom cars being built today. Not only that, but there’s plenty of history too. Motorama is modeled after the custom car show begun in 1958 by the Renegades Car Club and  recognizes important builders, cars, and individuals from hot rodding history. To be sure that the Long Beach Motorama draws some of the most impressive custom builds around, it features a Kustom D’Elegance award that’ll earn the skillful car builder a $20,000 purse!

While the cars in competition for the Kustom D’Elegance award are fantastic, I wanted to give ya’ll a chance to see the variety of other cars that showed up. From mild to radical customs, pickups to lowriders – this was a very well-rounded show! Scroll on down through this pick of ten from Mitzi (try not to drool on your keyboard) and be sure to leave a comment below and let everyone know which one you like the best!


Click on any of these custom car pics for FULL SIZE image…


Custom Car Show, 1950 Buick Gangrene, 2010 Motorama, custom car pic

-1950 Buick “Gangrene” of Lowdown Customs


2010 Motorama, 1940 DeSoto Coupe, Long Beach Car Show

-1940 DeSoto Coupe


2010 Motorama pictures, 1957 Chevy Pickup, custom car pics

1957 Chevy Pickup sportin’ some nice scallops


Long Beach Motorama, 1953 Chevy Blue Lagoon, 2010 Motorama, custom car pic

1953 Chevy “Blue Lagoon”


1949 Ford Business Coupe, 2010 Motorama, Custom Car pic

-1949 Ford Business Coupe by Masterson Customs


1960 Oldsmobile, Autoholics, lowrider

1960 Oldsmobile of the Autoholics


2010 Motorama, 1951 Chevy Minor Threat, Custom Car Show, custom car pic

-1951 Chevy “Minor Threat”


custom car, 2010 Motorama, Jade Idol 2 by Gene Winfield

1957 Ford “Jade Idol II” painted by Gene Winfield…  Gene had a whooping 12 cars he’d done on display!


2010 Motorama, Custom Car Show, custom car pic

1955 Chevy “El Gringo Loco”


1955 Buick, 2010 Motorama, custom buick, custom car pic

1955 Buick Custom


What do ya think!? Nice, huh! If you’re around SoCal this weekend… go to the show! The Long Beach Motoramabegan Friday and runs all through the last weekend of September. Cars fill the Long Beach Arena and overflow into the beautiful Rainbow Lagoon Park where’s there’s also live music and vendors.


For all the rest, if ya can’t see ’em live…talk about these custom cars here at…leave a comment and let us know what ya think!


(Thanks to Mitzi & Co for all the lovely pictures and watch for her pinup shots next!)
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