Falcon Wagon Paint – Gold on the Long Roof

My Ford Falcon Wagon’s Finally Got Paint


It’s been a long journey. I’m rebuilding/restoring/modifying (choose what you like) my 1963 Falcon Wagon. I’m way over due on what’s been done, but here’s where it is now:


1963 Ford Falcon Wagon, ford falcon station wagon,Ford Falcon Wagon, body work


Shown with premium primer from Squeeg’s Kustoms (Squeeg’s is a TOP QUALITY paint shop, not to be confused with the painter mentioned later)


OK, fine, the car’s been sitting around way too much waiting for me to get off my butt. I’m kinda off now, but not completely. Thanks to buddies here in town helping me “get off the computer!” and back into the garage… there’s been some progress.


So I have one question: Do you like GOLD?


It looks great in the sun here, but I would NOT recommend this painter. Terrific Paint and Customs, a Phoenix, AZ custom painter and body shop.


1963 Ford Falcon Wagon, ford falcon station wagon,Ford Falcon Wagon, custom paint


The great thing about MY Ride is Me is that I don’t really care all that much if you like it.


I’ve been working with a Phoenix, AZ painter that specializes in affordable paint. The idea was to get a good paint job, not super-show quality but at an affordable price. It didn’t work out.


The painter is Terrific Paint and Customs at 1846 E. Madison in Phoenix, AZ. His name is Mark Behlke. I repeat, I would NOT recommend this painter. I will be writing a follow-up story soon on how this has been an awful experience and a waste of time and money for very poor quality work.


1963 Ford Falcon Wagon, ford falcon station wagon,Ford Falcon Wagon, custom roof stripes


Here’s the work that Terrific Paint and Customs (Keyword: Phoenix custom paint shop) did that was fairly good:


In addition to some rust repair int he roof that we didn’t originally see, Mark also mounted a custom pop-up gas filler, mounted the Optima Battery on it’s side in the engine compartment (that’ll be another story) and shaved the drip rails. You can just barely tell in this picture. That’s alot of drip rail on a Ford Falcon wagon!


Finally, he replaced the cowl vent with one from a doner car after the HACK-job the previous owner did filling in the vent.


The gold stripes you see on the roof start on the hood and fade to nothing at the back of the roof. Here’s the hood:


1963 Ford Falcon Wagon, ford falcon station wagon,Ford Falcon Wagon, custom hood stripes


In the light, the non-custom gold paint with gold pearl top-coat glows like crazy!  Right now, with no other colors on the outside, it’s TOO gold!  With the black steel wheels with spider caps with pinner-white wheels will start to set it off. Add a little black, fine line pinstriping and we’re in business!


OK, so there’s the update I’m way, WAY behind doing… want to see where it started? Check the Ford Falcon Wagon Overhaul’n-like tear down or just follow the whole Falcon Wagon Build here.


That’s it for now. I want to load up the story of how I added bearings to the clutch and brake pedal next. It worked out great, was easy and cheap. Win, win and win…

If you run into Mark from Terrific Paint and Customs in Phoenix, AZ, please tell him you saw this story, and whatever kind of paint you want, I’d find someone else. Here’s the warning I published about his his work: Terrible Phoenix Custom Painter

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