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Paint Review – Phoenix Custom Paint Shop to Avoid!

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You’re not looking at an artistic interpretation of the state of West Virginia, you’re looking at the terrible paint work by a company in Phoenix, Arizona called “Terrific Paint and Customs”.

When you start a project, one of the biggest things you need to decide is a budget. Because my four-door, Ford Falcon wagon was never going to be a high-dollar car, no matter what I did to it, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on paint. I did want something shiny that I could be proud of, but I knew that getting a great paint job, or “Show Quality” was not in my budget. That’s when I started looking for a “driver” quality paint shop.  I found a Craigslist ad and gave the guy a call.

He sounded cool enough, knowledgeable, and his ad said, “15 year experience”. I sent a bunch of pictures of my Falcon, we talked and sent way too many texts about all the things I wanted to do and he said $1800 and it’d be done in about 3 weeks. (keep that in mind for later). I thought I’d found my custom painter!

I asked for references, and he gave them, but then like an idiot, I didn’t call. I don’t know what they would have said, but I wish I would have called. I dropped the car off at the end of June 2010 and he said it’d be done in July, like super-quick… I finally picked the car up in mid-January, almost 7 months later.

I’m not stupid enough to think I’m the first person that ever got their car back late from a painter. I know that’s tough. But am I being reasonable? Was I asking for too much? Please keep reading.

Take a look at all the pictures and you decide. Here’s the overall paint shots of the car.

I finally paid $2500 for this paint job and at least I’ll have to repaint both front fenders and pay to have someone fix the runs in the interior paint. Email me with any questions or leave a comment and I’ll get right back to you.

Paint Mismatch, Phoenix Custom Paint Shop
Is this OK to you?

Here’s why I have to repaint the fenders and most likely the whole side of the car… if not the whole car to be really happy. The only reason I stuck with Terrific Paint and Customs and Mark was because I thought he’d be the only one who COULD POSSIBLY match the paint. I was so wrong and 4 weeks after I dropped of the fenders… when he said it’d take one week… I got the mis-matched mess in the picture above. I HAD TO have him repaint the fenders because there literally was no bodywork done on the fenders before. I could see the dents in the side view mirrors towing the car home. Plus! The paint was pealing/bubbling under the clear. They were the worst part of the whole car, not counting the interior. Now I wish I would have kept them, but Mark assured me he could match it.

Here’s picture proof of why you DO NOT want to use this Phoenix custom paint shop and a summary of everything wrong with the car, and RIGHT… I’m trying to be fair here, but you decide and let me know. (Each picture has a description, please look closely)


What he did well:

  • the color came out well – just as I had hoped and radiant in the sun!
    • I got a tri-coat (base, pearl, clear) paint job and that wasn’t part of our original deal
  • the custom battery box came out OK and was his idea (but see below)
  • the pop-up gas cap custom installation came out mostly good
  • the rust repair in the roof – it wasn’t part of our original deal
  • the lip in the wheel wells are done like I asked to fit a larger tire
  • the cowl vent was replaced – as part of our original deal
  • the paint is mostly very smooth, lack of orange peel

Here’s the work that’s in the middle – OK, but not good:

  • The drip rail. Looks good but is wavy. Would have been fine without this – it wasn’t part of our original deal, but you insisted to do it because it would look so much better
  • hood and roof stripes – not exactly what I was looking for, or what we talked about but close enough
  • The driver’s side rear quarter has a ton of filler – you said you’d fix that

Bad/disappointing work:

  • Far and away the worst is the interior paint. How can you have me pick up my car, this late, when just about every panel in the interior has something wrong?
    • LONG runs with clear over the top. How can you shoot clear and polish runs? (see picture)
    • The dash is not polished near where the speedo cluster goes (see picture)
    • The interior needs to be repainted or at least sanded and buffed extensively
  • The battery won’t come out – the placement looks cool, but the box is to tight, you have to beat the battery back out!
  • the door edges are not finished. They’re super rough, especially on the driver’s door
  • Paint in general has too many flaws.
    • I know I paid for driver quality paint, but there are 20-30 blemishes in the paint of all varieties
      • deep scratches
      • burn thru
      • bubbling/lifting – the driver’s side fender needs to be re-done
      • peeling off – several spots where black is showing through
  • Body work
    • the front fenders both look practically untouched
    • Overspray on the new front suspension parts

I’d like your feedback on these. I see these as indisputable facts and have provided pictures. Do you really think it came out good? Is this, “Driver quality”

When I negotiated the price, I told Mark, “If you do a good job, I’ll write a great review.” I also said, “If you screw me, I’ll tell everyone in the world that’ll listen.” That’s what I’m doing now. You’re welcome.

So finally, I DO NOT recommend this Phoenix Arizona custom paint shop: Terrific Paint and Customs. So watch out for Mark in his Craigslist ad, you can search for his phone number: 602-312-8346 or he usually claims he can do, “Custom, Semi Custom, Collision, Metal Flake, Candy, Pearl, Metallic, Graphics. ” It’s funny, he has a picture of my car in his ad now!

I was unhappy to find another unhappy customer: Here’s the link:

Sorry for such a bummer post, but this is the only thing I can do now.  I’m looking for a solution to my paint problems now. Any Phoenix Custom paint shop want to help me?  I will give a GLOWING, honest review if it works out well!

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