GNRS 2008: If You Missed This One…

Grand National Roadster Show Pictures

So I’m hanging with my new buddy Brian from Problem Child Kustoms and we run into Chip (the louver guy) and his friend Craig in the Suede Palace of the Grand National Roadster Show. We’d all been taking in the cool as hell customs and old school hot rods. I heard Craig say, “This one was my favorite until we saw that modified. You’ve got that black modified, right?” He was talking about this bitch’n 31 Ford Coupe with Caddy power and my 27 Roadster back in AZ. (click to make it bigger)

Bitch'n Blue 31 Ford Coupe, grand national roadster show, suede palace

I hadn’t seen the trick pearl, metallic white with purple panels modified yet. Where’s that?! So I rushed over to the building right next door, the only building I hadn’t seen yet. Amidst the nostalgia dragsters and some of the coolest rides I hadn’t photographed yet was this killer little roadster.

custom roadster, gnrs, ambr, grand national Roadster show, america's most beautiful roadster, 1927 ford roadster

Ford Roadster EngineI was stunned. The detail and finish on this car rivaled anything in the America’s Most Beautiful Roadster hall, plus it screamed old school hot rod and custom show car from the way back machine! Channeled, paneled and white-walled, this car was quickly becoming one of my favorites as well. It’s hard to see from the pics but the white metallic paint actually had a light blue-green pearl to it and it was laid on smooth. It was the perfect compliment to the heavier flaked purple-pink in the panels. The engine kept the cool flowing with finned valve covers and a three deuce intake. I’d love to hear what those headers sound like!

pearl white interior, RoadsterThe last detail shot is of the interior. A simple 3 gauge layout below the nifty 3 piece window followed by the twisted shifter and swirled glass knob. The upholstery was done up in a pearly white vinyl that finished things off perfectly. Top to bottom, this thing was too right.

After meeting back up with the AZ crew, we decided this car was on the short list of, “blew my mind” cars. People will be talking about this one. (click to make these pics bigger)

front suspension detail rear view, roadster at GNRScool blur picture

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