11 Questions for Pinup Model Jenna Sherrill

Hot Rod Pinup Jenna Sherrill

When I first met Trent Sherrill by finding one of his “liked” hot rod or pinup photos on Facebook, I checked out his other pictures and found this one:

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After seeing the tag, I asked Trent, “Is that your sister?!” Turns out this lovely girl is, in fact, Trent’s sister Jenna Sherrill. As much talent as Trent shows behind the camera, Jenna’s making it easy on her bro by looking fabulous! We’re getting to know Trent a little better by asking his sister and next, his girlfriend Kelly Lindahl (another rocking pinup) a few questions. Once you get to know the girls, I’m sure you’ll love them like Trent does. Thanks guys!

Describe the best date you ever had.

The best date I ever had was when my fiance and I were first together. He drove me to Avila Beach in his 1957 Plymouth Savoy. We stopped in Pismo Beach to get some clam chowder from Splash Cafe and then headed to Avila. He bought me a wide brim sun hat and laid out a Mexican blanket on the beach. We ate our chowder and relaxed until the sun went down. It was a beautiful day with a handsome man!

hot rod pinup, girls on hot rods

How about the worst date? 

My worst date ever was in high school. This guy picked me up from my dads house in a lifted truck to take me to the movies. My dad gave him the talk (aka I’ll kill you if you try anything) and then let us go. We went to the movies where his other friends with their ugly lifted trucks met us. We missed our movie because all they did was talk about what system they bought and blah, blah, blah. I had my dad come pick me up from the movie theater. My dad enjoyed laughing at the boy because he knew that relationship was going nowhere and fast.

What’s your favorite car ever and what’s your favorite that you’ve actually owned?

My favorite car ever is a chopped 1936 Ford pickup.
My favorite car I own is my 1957 Bel Air 2 Door Hard Top. It was my dad’s car and sat in a barn most of my childhood. He gave it to my brother and my brother then gave it to me. I’ll never get rid of it and I plan to restore it once I’m finished with school.

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What’s the biggest beater you’ve ever been caught crusin in?

My friend in high school had an 80s Mustang rag top with holes in the top. That car was so much fun! She drove our friends around before she or any of us had a license.

Tell us your worst, most embarrassing moment as a model.

When I first started modeling, I went to a photographers house to do a shoot. His wife greeted me at the door with a baby on her hip. I changed into lingerie and got set up for the shoot. The wife of the photographer watched the entire shoot with attitude and gave off a negative vibe the whole time. It was the most awkward situation I have ever been in while modeling!

hot rod pinup, hot rod girls

How about the best? Was it your first cover or did ya just love the photographer?

I love shooting themed shoots. Liz Taylor had just passed away and my photographer Alan (Illusive Photography) and I decided to do a tribute shoot of Liz Taylor. I was so nervous because I did not want to mess this one up! My friend Gloria Garcia did my hair and it turned out perfect! The shoot was a success and many loved it!

What Got You Into Modeling?

My brother, Trent Sherrill, started shooting old cars and girls with them a few years back. He asked me to shoot with a car and ever since then I have enjoyed it.

When Was Your First Shoot? and how did it go?

My first shoot was in Northern California with my brother Trent Sherrill as my photographer. We had a blast and have been a great team since.

What Is Your Favorite Type of Wardrobe for Shoots?

I love 40s to 50s dresses, swim suits and heals!

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What Is Your Favorite place you’ve traveled from Modeling?

I modeled in Fort Worth, Texas at Lake Worth. It was a beautiful spot and there was a castle-like house on the lake.

What has been your biggest success or shoot so far in your career?

I have quite a bit of nice ink on my skin now and my goal was to be in a tattoo magazine. I shot with Keith Selle and we made it in Australia’s Custom Tattooz magazine with a full page. I am still stoked about it!

hot rod pinup, hot rod girls, hot rod pin up girls

Find Jenna and book her for a shoot here and if you can’t get enough, you can see Jenna and Trent working together again for this 1951 Ford Victoria Resto-custom shoot. Thanks Jenna!

To see all the hot rods and pinup shoots Trent’s done for MyRideisMe.com click here.

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