Hot Rods of Bonneville Speed Week 2011

Salty Boneville Hot Rods

hot rods, hot rod coupe, Bonneville hot rods
2011 Bonneville Speed Week sponsored by Spectre Performance


I’d like to tell ya I’m a great photographer. I’d like to even suggest that I posed these hot rods on the salt for a big-time photo shoot. I didn’t. Truth is, Bonneville Speed Week brings out some of the coolest vintage hot rods you’ll find. The coupe above is from Wrecked Metal. My buddy Josh Clason did a cool video at Wrecked Metal’s shop featuring the guys who drove in from Idaho.


Hot rods, vintage hot rods, hot rod roadster, Bonneville hot rods


What else do you want? This trick little roadster was way different and way cool. Dig the triple carbed six cylinder, the swept back Duvall style windshield and look closely for the motorcycle-like gas tank out back. If you think this is a thrown together “rat rod” you’re wrong. (Stop thinking that and seek help)


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Speed Week brings out the hot rods. It’s simple! When you see them out on the salt… tires caked with it, chunks sitting on the louvered roofs… it’s plain to see: These hot rods are driven and the owners are having fun. That’s enough for me to make all of these feature stories, but I’ve got 5 miles of pits and 300 and hopefully 400 mph race cars to chase. So for now, just enjoy these pictures.


vintage hot rod coupe, hot rod ford coupe, 1934 ford coupe, Bonneville hot rods

hot rods, hot rod coupe, vintage ford hot rods, Bonneville hot rods

hot rods, hot rod pictures, hot rod coupe, Bonneville hot rods