“Internet Barn Finds #3”: 70’s Funny Cars

For #3, MyRideisMe.com went in search of Nostalgia Funny Cars.  We scored a great find when we discovered the  www.70sfunnycars.com website in our internet search.  The website itself is vintage too, as it was established in 1998…was the internet even around back then? Ha Ha

70s Funny Cars

“Remember when Funny Cars actually resembled their street driven cousins?

Real Funny Cars, and not show cars, actually appeared at car shows?

Funny Cars had names, showed up to the races on open ramp trucks, and used tow cars often supplied by spectators after the crowd was pulsed by the track announcer for “volunteers?”

This Vintage Funny Car website has many hidden jewels and is sure to bring back memories!  You’ll need a couple hours to soak in all this ‘Nostalgia’.  We’ll launch into more in the future from 70sFunnyCars.com…we’ve only just gone through the waterbox and started our 1st burnout (…”Remember when Funny Cars would do 5 burnouts”)!

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