Mooneyes Christmas 2011 Car Show and Drags

mooneyes xmas party show and drags 2011, irwindale speedway, mooneyes car show 2011

Each year in December, Mooneyes throws their Xmas Party Show & Drags. Out of all the car shows here in Southern California, this is one of my favorites. Not only does it have plenty of cool cars and a great people – but it’s held at Irwindale Speedway and has a “run what ya brung” drag racing event alongside everything else!

mooneyes xmas car show

Often, it happens to be raining during the Mooneyes Xmas Show – but this year was nothing but blue skies and beautiful weather! I loved the exhaust coming off this little pickup.

vw bus, bare metal volkswagon bus, mooneyes show 2011

Walking past this bare-metal Volkswagon van/bus made me do a double take! I’ve never seen anything like it!

vw bus, bare metal volkswagon bus, mooneyes show 2011

Not only for the fact that it’s a VW and is in bare metal – but because the body style was completely original to me too! With the front having 4-doors and looking like a VW van, but then it’s got this delivery-truck bed in back complete with awning above! Come to find out, this thing is called a VW Vanogen. I love seeing new and unique stuff…

Mooneyes Summer Show and Drag 2010 irwindale speedway racing, buick riviera

…and Mooneyes Xmas Show always brings it on! For example, this line-up of slick Buick Rivieras. Most car shows have a fairly limited niche of cars attend. At the usual hot-rod show I’d go to, I don’t normally get the chance to see this sort of low-rider styled car. But all types show up for Mooneyes. The lines on these Rivieras are beautiful and it doesn’t take much to make them look custom.

Best of Mooneyes Xmas Car Show and Drags 2011, lowrider

Another lowrider styled ride I loved seeing sparkling in the sunlight was this 1976 Chevy Impala. Owner Miquel Zarate of the Strays CC says it’s all factory minus the tube grill, moonroof, lifts, rims, and paint. Even though I’m a hot rod girl, I’d roll in this any day!

Nomad Concept Car, Mooneyes Xmas Show 2011, toyota speedway

Other then hot rods and lowriders, there were of course classics – and unique ones at that! Check out this cool Corvette Nomad – a 1954 GM concept car. If the Jetson’s drove a stationwagon, it should’ve been this one!

Mooneyes Xmas Show and Drags 2011, custom golf cart

Then there’s this 3-wheeled early battery operated “car” if you could call it that. It’s a 1960 Electric Shopper put out by a company in Long Beach. More like a golf cart then a car, but it claims to have operated for only $0.01 a day!

Mooneyes Xmas Show and Drags 2011, drag races, irwindale drag strip

While many people wandered around looking at cars and vendors, the stands were packed with everyone else watching the drag races.

Mooneyes Xmas Show and Drags 2011, stretched model a

A variety of cars – both very competitive and not so much – came out to play. This was one interesting roadster with an extremely stretched wheel base! I was surprised by how well he did.

Mooneyes Drag Races 2011, Irwindale Drag strip

The more competitive cars brought plenty of heat, noise, and wheelies (to my utter delight!)

Mooneyes Xmas Car Show and Drags 2011, custom car show

Although this louvred-hood Cadillac wasn’t drag racing – there was another winged Cadillac that was. It isn’t every day you get to see such a sled of metal lurch down Irwindale’s 1/8th-mile strip!

mooneyes xmas car show 2011, louvred hood, custom wagon

Each time I see this louvred hood, I love it. A wagon might not be the first place you’d think to place louvres, but it sure does provide plenty of space to fit lots of ’em!

mooneyes xmas car show 2011, lowered pickup

Getting this pickup as low to the ground as possible is a good advertisement for the “Bag Man.”

Mooneyes Xmas Show and Drags 2011

This five-window no doubt looks ready to race – but I think it stayed parked for the day.

mooneyes party, gasoline girls car club

My Studebaker didn’t come along with me this day, but I did show up with my fellow Gasoline Girls. Watching with the ladies was unlike any other drag strip experience…I think we were the loudest ones in the stands! We squealed and cheered each time a car noisily raced down the 1/8th-mile stretch!

Mooneyes Drag Races 2011, Irwindale Drag strip, chevy nova

Of course, we cheered loudest when our fellow car club participant (and veteran racer,) Rebecca, raced her Nova down the track! I hope to make it to the track sometime soon myself, but I’m still waiting to get my Studebaker race ready. When I do, you’ll be the first to hear!

Did you spend more time looking at cars or drag races at the Mooneyes Christmas Show? What did you like? Leave a comment and let everyone know!

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