Tingler Art – The Monster in You

When you were a kid, did you collect trading cards with monsters driving crazy hot rods? I did! So it was great to find J. Tingler. As a fellow HAMB member, Tingler set me up with a custom shirt showing the monster in me driving my own hot rod! (at a very reasonable price too) I love the shirt so much, I got one for my Pops. Admittedly, it’s not for everyone, but those are the same people who’d probably still be calling the engine in my car a “Mustang” or “Ranger” motor. Everyone knows it’s a PINTO motor… embrace it! Embrace the monster in you!


Not my best photo editing work, but you get the idea!

Here’s a look at some of Tingler’s other work, 2 of my favorites:



Tingler does all kinds of hot rod art and is available for custom work as well. Here’s him in action with the airbrush in hand… VIDEO

Get in touch with Tingler at his website or stick around MyRideisMe.com… I hope he’ll be posting pictures of his Gasser style 63 Fairlane. Hey, I’ve got one of those too!