Video: Metal Flake with a 40-buck Paint Gun

Cheap Paint Guns Still Shoot Metal Flake


When I posted  my metal flake FAIL I heard from my new friend Chris at Chaotic Customs. He made a great how-to story about creating a custom metal flake roof for your ride.


metal flake, how to custom paint, custom metal flake paint(Picture from my vast photo archive, I have no idea what paint gun was used here or who’s ride this is…)


Great Chris, but I don’t have a $300 paint gun, and guess what, as often as I use one, I doubt I’ll spend the money on one since we all have so many toys we want. (plus, as my friends would attest, I’m a tight-ass!)


Challenge accepted! (and then some)

Chris came through with a how-to video for shooting metal flake and he used a cheap Harbor Freight gun! I hope we can all afford $30-40 for a gun and if you watch, Harbor Freight has 20% coupons available almost all the time. Chris also shows a few more details about setting up the gun and what he literally throws away when using the HF gun.


It’s a fun video with great commentary… Thanks a million for the video Chris!


How to Shoot Metal Flake with a Harbor Paint Gun


YouTube Preview Image
Thanks again Chris! To see some of Chaotic Customs full builds, including custom paint, check out their 1965 Thunderbird and more.