Vintage Front Engine Dragster with a Six!

Nostalgia Drags: Front Engine Dragster powered by inline 6 FordLeaving hard at Speedworld’s Nostalgia Drags, this inline 6 powered Nostalgia Dragster’s different but so right!

I bumped into Wayne and this cool front engine dragster at the Nostalgia Drags here in AZ at Speedworld. Always on the lookout for something different, I couldn’t help but notice the the six cylinder, a not-so-obvious choice for an engine, let alone in a vintage dragster.

Travelling into Arizona from Alamogordo, NM for the drags, here’s some info about Wayne’s digger:

I decided to build an inline car because I raced my Flathead car with the Denver Flathead Inline guys and saw there weren’t many “Late inline” dragsters and when there were, they all ran Chevys… so I thought about the best engineered inline and came up with the Ford. (12 port head and very Strong bottom end).

  • Chassis: 1968 Race Car Engineering (Woody Gilmore) 182″ wheelbase.
  • Engine: 1975 Ford 300 cu in, bored .030 with Weisco flat top forged pistons with zero deck clearance.
  • Crankshaft: is out of an F-650 which is steel.
  • Rods: Crower H- beam.
  • Cam and lifters: Crower (flat tappet)
  • Head: From a 240 cu in Ford (much smaller chamber than a 300) that I ported and put in Chev. 1.94 and 1.60 stainless valves and added some BBChev. Crower roller rockers.
  • Injection: Hilborn which came off a 351 Winsdor. Modified, by me to work on the six.
  • Exhust: zoomies I made and are 1 3/4 X 18″ long.
  • Ignition: Vertex Magneto with rare earth magnets
  • Transmission: Powerglide with 1.82 ratio gears and 3000 stall converter and trans brake.
  • Rear: Chrysler 8 3/4 with 3.91 gears with 11 1/2 X 31″ tires.
  • Weight: 1190 lb. without fuel and driver.

Front Engine Dragster: 300 Cu. inch Ford Inline 6 FED at Nostalgia Drags

Cars best time was 9.34 @ 134.

I couldn’t run under 10 sec. this weekend at Speedworld because the Chassis certification had expired in Nov. 08.

Unfortunately, I did a dumb thing… when I built the car, I never took any pics, not until it was done. Looking back, I bought the chassis out of New Brunswick Canada in 2004 and had to replace the right top rail as they had bashed it out to fit a Big Block Chevy. After that, I ended up rebuilding everything on the chassis.

I don’t have any history on the car but through other Std. 1320 members we have pinned it down to a 1968 or 69. I found evidence of old Chrysler mounts and I’m sure it was high gear only with a double disc clutch. That Chrysler rear axle appears to be original.

I’m strictly into nostalgia cars and don’t like the looks of a RED.

Thanks for the info Wayne! The six looks great and a 9.34 ain’t slow! Good luck with future races…

Got a front engine dragster? Whether you know the history or not, let us know!