VW Beetle Road Racers

My first car was a 1972 Bug I picked up from a family friend for $500 (Check my Bug Garage here).  Then I spent 2 years in Brazil as a missionary for my church.  Brazil was one of the few countries that manufactured the Volkswagen Beetle.  I was surrounded by them.  One of the cities I lived in had a race track and they used to run Copa Fusca, which means Beetle Cup, a race class just for road racing Vdub Bugs.  Some of these photos also come from the German version, the Kafer Cup series.  I got to thinking and did a quick google image search.  Check these Fuscas out, so rad!

Fusca Super Beetle road racing

I dig the front airdam spoiler, extra wide fenders and wide wheels and tires.  Pretty simple formula.

2 Beetle Kafer Cup racers battle it out

This silver Fusca may be running a front radiator or oil cooler, not sure.  Man that looks fun!

German Kafer Cup VW 1303s road racer

Here’s a German Kafer racer.  Check out that big Porsche style rear wing!  The little vent behind the rear window tells you its a 1972 or newer Bug.  I believe all these VW racers are “Super Beetles”, the name given to the ’72 and later bugs that came with the road race friendly MacPherson strut front suspension.

VW 1303S lifts the rear inside wheel while cornering

Another German racer.  This one has a milder rear wing and a fiberglass front end.  They must be running oil coolers in the front bumper area, see those vents?

I think it’d be cool to do a street version of this setup.  Super Beetles are neglected versus their 50’s and 60’s brothers, so picking one up cheap would be easy.  VW performance engines are very affordable and body parts in fiberglass are also easy to find.

Fusca Racha is super low and wide

This 68+ Fusca is possibly the perfect Bug to me, perfect stance.  Super low, wide fenders, bumperless body and extra wide wheels.  Dang that’s hot!  Raise it up an inch or two and go track racing.  150hp pushing 1600 lbs has gotta be a super fun ride!

Hope you enjoyed these Fuscas.  Any Vdub lovers out there?  Let us know below with a comment.


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