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Dear Welder Series: custom MII [May 13, 2009] views: 1094

Dear Welder Series…

Should be receiving my 60″ crossmember today.
I was reviewing some measurements based on the video for the ...

Tech: Ford 8.8 upper four link bars [May 13, 2009] views: 1240 Grant Schwartz (Schwartz ...
Dear Welder Series: LS1 Motor Mount Info, ‘80 F100 MII [May 13, 2009] views: 1101

Dear Welder Series…

Can you tell me if the part number LS103 will work to adapt a LS1 engine to fit the standard motor mounts for a ...

Tech Sharing: BBC alternator bracket [May 13, 2009] views: 1211 Welder Series’ parts are being used in lots of different ways (see index at right for tech ideas ...
A Little Horton Hot Rod History [May 13, 2009] views: 1207 I came across these scans tonight and thought it would be fun to post them, just for you to see some of what the family’s been up to for the past 30+ years.

Dear Welder Series… 67 Mustang MII, 61 Falcon MII, ... [May 13, 2009] views: 1457

Dear Welder Series…

I am looking for a crossmember kit to put in my 67 mustang I need to know which one to order for my application?.?. I was ...