Hot Rod Pickup at Night – Desktop Photo

Hot Rod & Custom Car Photography – 1936 Ford Pickup

hot rod, hot rod pickup, night photography
Download this hot rod pickup for your desktop. It’s a big file, so give it some time…

I get some cool shots sometimes too!

I just posted the combo of Coby and Tim Sutton’s beyond sick 1937 Lincoln Zephyr photo which is a shot, of a caliber (get it?) I aspire to create some day. Through some luck, good timing and maybe a developing eye for light, I got this shot of my friend Jim Ramirez’s hot rod pickup.

I knew this hot rod 1936 Ford pickup in suede blue paint with a really tough looking spade pinstriped on the door. That’s going back to 2008, the first year I covered the LA Roadster Show. His pickup has changed! Last year, Jim parked in the suede palace, but this year, he’s outside sip’n Tecate’s with his car club pals the Throttle Kings.

One thing you can count on with the Throttle Kings, their hot rods evolve… and they don’t have air ride! From back in 2008 at the LA Roadster Show:

flat paint job, custom pinstriping, hot rod ford pickup

Closer to present day… here’s some other shots of Jim’s truck.

hot rod, hot rod pickup, hot rod ford pickup
From “15 best hot rod engines at LA Roadster Show

Hot Rod, hot rod ford, GNRS suede palace
One of many shots from Grease Girl at 2011 GNRS Suede Palace

Also from 2011 Suede Palace, but shot by yours truly!

hot rods, hot rod truck, suede palace at GNRS
See more of these here 2011 GNRS First Fave Photos

Now it’s time to post about Kopis’s new hot rod!

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