2010 Viva Las Vegas First Look

2010 Viva Las Vegas Hot Rod custom vlv 13 pinups rockabilly
We’re HERE! After an uneventful drive through the Nevada desert we hit Vegas in the daytime. Not quite as exciting as the nighttime skyline, but who cares! We’re here for the hot rods, customs and pinups that make Viva Las Vegas a must every year.

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2010 Viva Las Vegas Hot Rod custom vlv 13 pinups rockabilly

Sunset’s a great time to catch photos, even for a hack like me, but my man Swanee’s doing his thing for this picture. Several beers later and with a dead cell phone and wireless that doesn’t work, we’re still getting these pictures and tons more up in the next few days.

2010 Viva Las Vegas Hot Rods Pinups, models, picture

One of the best parts of the Viva Las Vegas is the pinups. The show’s a gathering of all things hot rods, music and vintage clothes wearing girls with bright red lipstick, a flower in their hair and some great expressions on their faces! I’ll try to catch this lovely lady’s name at the show today. Update… didn’t see her again on Saturday. Anyone know her name? Please leave a comment below.

2010 Viva Las Vegas Hot Rod Pinups, models, pictures

I hijacked what looked like a professional photographer shooting another lovely young lady in front of a beautiful green kustom. I’ll try to get the names of both the girl and the pinup photographer today at the show. Update: I got the info I needed! The photographer I snuck in on is well know pinup photographer Roy Varga. He’s got a very nice website to see other pinups or to schedule your appointment with him at RoyVarga.com. The shapely redhead was a sweet young lady named Gia Genevieve. You can find her on Myspace here: www.myspace.com/recoveryinprogress

The car, if you can see it, is a 1949 Buick Super owned by Sonny Vasquez out of Ventura, CA.

In case you’re wondering where all the other girls are, here’s 2009’s Ladies of Viva and 2009 Pinup picture gallery. 2010’s on it way in the next couple days and we added April’s Pinup of the Month – Notorious Ang – From VLV#13.

2010 Viva Las Vegas Hot Rod custom vlv 13 pinups rockabilly

Always in the scene is Bo Huff. This 1957 Ford Ranchero looked perfect. Slammed down, tastefully done flames on the side and some really trick custom work on headlights. More pictures coming.

2010 Viva Las Vegas Hot Rod custom vlv 13 pinups rockabilly

Fellow Arizona resident, Mike’s out of Lake Havasu,AZ and is a member of MyRideisMe.com under the name Moparsixer. Guess what he’s running in his 1938 Chrysler? Check out some more info about his cool hot rod here in his garage at MyRideisMe.com. That suede gold paint works perfectly, don’t you think?

2010 Viva Las Vegas Hot Rod custom vlv 13 pinups rockabilly

I gotta get back to the show today, so check out a few other shots and look for more soon!! For a look at what Viva Las Vegas is, check out the intro blog from my first time at the show last year.

2009 Viva Las Vegas Car Show – See for Yourself




Were you there? Let us know! Leave a comment if we shot your car and include a few details.  Thank you.


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