Cruise Missile: 1994 Nissan Skyline GTS25t

Skyline GTS25t side viewYou never know what might show up at your local cruise-in. I am always on the lookout for something different; something you don’t see every day. On a recent trip to the local Friday night hangout in Charles Town, WV, I noticed a nice looking black import from across the lot. I moved in to investigate deeper and my curiosity peeked even more since it was a right hand drive. It was actually a 1994 Nissan Skyline GTS25t owned by Ric Wells of Berryville, VA.

Ric told me the story of how he purchased the car while he was stationed on Okinawa, Japan. After retiring from the Marines he had the car imported state side and sent to a company named Motorex for legalization. Soon he was tied up in the Motorex defrauding mess. It took more than two years before he was finally able to drive the car again.

Skyline RB25DET motorWhile not a GT-R (which actually makes the car rarer in the US), Ric has modified the original RB25DET motor to put out more than 500hp. Some of these mods include: Greedy intake and plenum, HKS Intercooler and blow off valve, Precision 1000cc injectors, Infinity Q45 throttle body, TiAL 44mm wastegates, and a Garrett GT40 87mm turbo. After the all these mods Ric says, “the Skyline is a blast to drive, especially here [in the States] since it is right hand drive.”

You can find more photos and information in Ric’s garage (dreamrides) Thanks for joining Ric!

Written by Bubba Harmon (bubbastoybox)