“Internet Barn Find” #4: Rare American Made Cars

1958 Mercury Turnpike1954 Chrysler Thunderbolt

So, I was “stumbling” around on StumbleUpon, a cool search tool/website where you can tell it what you’re interested in and just hit the stumble button. I stumbled upon “Rare American Made Autos” page. Here’s a quick quote from the website that explains what the Red Scarf Club is. Of all places to find cool pictures of rare American cars, an artilleryman’s website!? Car Nuts are everywhere!

“The RED SCARF name comes from the color of the artilleryman’s parade neck scarves. (ie; The infantry color is blue, the engineers – green, the artillery – red, and so on. Each section of the army, has its own designated color.)

Our present day club was loosley formed by a small group of 553rd FA Bn veterans, their wives, friends and familys, to get together once or twice a year in Branson, Missouri for a “Dinner and a Show”, and share old “War Stories” – as we call them – and each others company, for a couple of days.”

Here’s some teaser pics…if you can name any one of these cars, well…you’re just sick! ha ha Try out StumbleUpon and tells us about a cool car related website you dig and maybe we’ll make it an “Internet Barn Find”. You can also give a “thumbs up” to your favorite MyRideisMe.com stories. Until then, enjoy these crazy cool rare American rides.

1938 Buick and Harley Earl1951 Buick LeSabre