One Stanced and Cambered Acura Please

The Acura RSX is definitely one of the cars on my short list for fun to drive daily transportation.  They’re lightweight, good handling, reliable, fuel efficient and the performance model (Type-S) has a 200hp high revving 2.0L DOHC 4 cylinder using a 6 speed manual.  I’ve only seen a few RSX’s that have really impressed me.  Jose Guadalupe’s silver Base model (non-200hp) is one of those and it certainly caught my eye with its aggressive styling.

Photos are by FotoSet, djdorifto and Kami Speed.  Click the images to see them Full Size.

Jose's DC5 is hellaflush with Rota 18x9.5 inch wheels with a +20mm offset

That aggressive look is courtesy of STANCE.  If you’re a hot rodder or custom nut, you already know what Stance is.  The “tuner” cars of today are continuing the Stance trend set by low 50’s Custom’s, raked 60’s Muscle Cars or 80’s Lowriders by going with low ride height and aggressive camber and flush fitting wheels.  Jose’s ride has -5.5 degrees of rear camber and -4.5 degrees in front.  But why so much camber?  First, it helps get those 9.5″ wide wheels to fit under fenders made for 7″ wide factory wheels.  Second, negative camber just looks so cool.  To me, big camber is a street car interpretation of a road race car suspension setup.

Jose's RSX sports a Honda badge, Mugen rear lip and serious negative camber to fit those aggressive offset Rota Grid wheels

Rota 18x9.5 wheels are flush on this DC5 by Jose Guadalupe

I asked Jose a few questions about his ride and how he got into cars.

Jose: “Well this is my first car. I watched a lot of those ricer movies, ha ha, like Fast and Furious, when I was in high school. So I dreamed that one day I would buy a car and modify it. I will never forget when I bought some 18 inch Konig rims and posted pictures on  I got pounded with negative comments on my car. So during the last couple years, I have saved my money, done my research and improved my car’s look with quality parts.”

Being a Base model, it does not have the hot K20a twin cam, but does sport nice accessoriesInterior shot of Jose's aggressive fitment Acura Integra or RSX

Here is a list of what Jose has done to his car in the 3 years he’s owned it.  He has definitely made his car “My Ride is Me”.

Aggressive fitment or Wrong Fitment is not seen often on a HondaMod List
Engine and Bay:
Type R Valve Cover
Type R Spark Plug Cover
JDM Dipstick
BeatRush Front Strut Bar
BeatRush Oil Cap
Buddy Club Race Header
Injen CAI (ClubRSX edition)
HKS Hi-Power Turbo Exhaust
Tein Hood Dampers

Complete ITR Center Console
JDM ITR Pedals with Dead plate
Integra Door Sill
FD2 Shift knob (rocking a 6 speed on a 5
Beatrush C Pillar Bar

Nextmod Mugen Rear Lip
Type R replica wing
Front and Rear Honda Badges Chrome
JDM Tail lights
JDM Window Visors
Fog lights with 3000k HID’s
Benen Tow Hook Front & Rear

Wheels and Suspension:
Buddy Club N+ Coilovers
Rota’s Grids 18×9.5 +20 offset all round

There are many ways to build or modify an Acura RSX (Honda Integra as they’re known in Japan).

I asked Jose why he went the route he did of extra wide wheels (18×9.5 inch +20 offset vs. 16×6.5 inch stock) with low offset, big negative camber and low ride height?  The kids call it Hellaflush, Wrong Fitment or Aggressive Fitment.

Jose: The reason why I chose to build my car this way is that you hardly see an Acura RSX go aggressive. I have met two good friends Neel and Igor and they went all out. Igor has an RSX and he has been in the “fitment game” for a long time and Neel has an Accord.  We have always talked about going as low and as wide as possible and how to get enough wheel clearance around the fenders and brakes.

Jose was inspired by his friend Igor's flush and aggressive Honda

Jose's Honda sports a rare Max Racing hood with heat venting ducts

Notice Jose’s concave faced wheels versus Igor’s deep dish style.  It gives the car a different look.  Jose’s car looks more motorsports, while Josh Obitsu has a VIP/Luxury look to it.  Wheels are so important when styling your ride.  Choose wisely!

Jose, any last words about your Ride?

Jose: I appreciated the help to get my car where it is today. I always have crazy ass ideas and my dad helped me figure out how to get them to work.  Big Thanks to my best friends who helped me, Tony Tran, Neel Nana, Josh Lardie, Cathy V., Josh O., Adam Perez, Kevin H, Kami Speed, GBR Racing and Club RSX.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of cars like this Acura.  Wanna see more?  Or have you seen enough?  We don’t know unless you tell us…







Rolling shot of Jose's RSXJose's RSX Base model in its factory form before he made it his ownThis light makes the silver look greatJose and Igor's RSX's pose together Rear 3/4 quarter view of an aggressive fitment RSXStandard Industrial Park beauty shot

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