45 Pictures of Poteet’s One of a Kinda 1969 Ford Torino Talladega

Built to be Driven one off NASCAR Inspired Torino Talladega


1969 talladega, ford torino talladega, 1969 ford torino talladega

George Poteet’s Rad Rides Built Talladega

At any show there might be a ride you call out as your favorite with your buddies. Something, “not to miss!” I hear that… it’s fun to pick a favorite, right? But then… every once in a while, there’s a jaw dropping ride that grabs your attention and holds it for not just that afternoon, but for months. For me, with George Poteet’s Rad Rides built Torino Talladega, I’ve been lusting over this car for almost a year.


ford torino talladega, 1969 ford torino talladega, nascar talladega (Click any picture to see it full size)


I saw pictures of the Talladega either online or in a magazine, but at the time, it wasn’t killing me to see it. I knew Poteet’s style of “ALL OUT” hot rods, and I knew with Troy Trepanier and his crew doing the work, it’d be built with beyond amazing details. Still, it wasn’t until the 2012 Grand National Roadster Show debut, when I finally saw it first hand… in metal.  Should an unfinished car shouldn’t be your pick for “NOT TO MISS”??


boss 429 engine, talladega torino engine


Well finally, at the 2013 Grand National Roadster Show, I got to see and fully appreciate (and shoot the hell out of!) George’s NASCAR inspired 1969 Torino Talladega. It’s a thing of beauty that started as what George called, “A piece of shit $1800 Torino.” The Talladega’s sloped nose lead the way to success at super speedways like Talladega and Daytona, but George thought the Mercury Cyclone fronts were more stylish, so the boys at Rad Rides measured the Cyclone and made a new, one of a kind nose. They then proceeded to make a new Talladega body to go with… Only the roof is un-touched. An amazing feat of craftsmanship, as you can see.


1969 talladega custom interior, 1969 ford torino talladega interior


So look closely at the finished car in these pictures. Try to pick up on the subtle (and sometimes not subtle) changes made to the body and build. Then check out the concept drawings of the Talladega our buddy Brian Stupski at Problem Child Kustoms made to help Rad Rides. His notes point out the killer details.


1969 talladega wheels, ford torino talladega


Enjoy the fresh-built look it has now because after a final tune on the injection, Poteet plans to Autocross this masterpiece at a Goodguys show near you! (actually near me I hope!). Like his 300+ mph, record holding “Blowfish” Barracuda and his three-year-in-a-row fastest car at Bonneville, 400+ mph “Speed Demon” streamliner… this hot rod was built to be DRIVEN!


Thanks for this George! See ya on the salt.