Welding With DW: Over My Figurative Shoulder

Part 1: Introduction

Sweet Weld! (Mine don't look like that) The idea to shoot some informative welding videos has been brewing for a long time, and when Pikesan asked if I’d be interested in doing something with MyRideisMe.com, that was the final straw!  Although it’s taken almost a pair of years to finally have something to show, I think you’ll enjoy and hopefully benefit from the series.

After I started the Welder Series parts assembly videos on YouTube, people began emailing to ask why I weld the way I do, and to please offer some tips.  I was flattered that people were even watching the videos, let alone asking me for welding tips!  From the beginning, they were never intended to be welding tutorials – I was just putting parts together!

Basically, in these videos, I’ll be bringing you into the Welder Series shop and blabbing away about welding.  The videos  will be loosely broken down into categories based on whatever aspect of welding I feel like talking about at the time.  I might even slip in some general shop tips once in a while…

What I won’t do is tell you what type of gas to use for which grade of steel, recommend what tungsten to use, what heat setting to run for different material thickness, etc.  I’m not a welding supplies salesman… I’m sure he’d be happy to answer those questions for you.

In this video, I focus on different ways to hold a tig torch.  Notice I didn’t say “the best way”… the best way will be the most comfortable for you.

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks for watching!  If you have any suggestions on aspects of welding that you’d like to see me blab about, please send me an email: moc.seiresredlewnull@wd.

DW Horton
Welder Series Inc.