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Rush Delivery


Meet "Rush Delivery", Under Construction! For the last 40+ years I have wanted a '57 Ford Courier (Sedan Delivery) "Gasser". In 2011 I purchased my '57 from an "old" junk yard somewhere in South Carliona. "I could never find it again)". As a result of my previous car "The Dart Game" I have been honored to have secured an elete group of manufactures that have supplied their products to help with making my dream come true. "The Best of The Best". It will be powered by a Ford Racing Boss 351 twin Precision Turbo turbocharged, Holley Dominator injected 427! The following pictures are of a sampling of parts making up "Rush Delivery"! Thanks for you intrest.

May 2, 2013
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May 6, 2013 14:45
I added you to the home page... you gotta have more pictures, and please write in a little background on the car. Thanks! -pikesan