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Recycling More Then Ever

April 19, 2014
Recycling More Then Ever

A Diamond In The Rough?

I know most of us already know about what it means to recycle.
But not everyone thinks about old cars or trucks when it comes to recycling.
You know I see thousands upon thousands of old rusting cars that people on flickr have added to their sites, and it’s a shame what we've done to these great relics, the pictures show these great icons of our past that have been stripped, abandoned, scrapped, or the owners have just relinquished all control, and why? because it was old, it was new once and if you can remember that far back how it made you as a child or your parents feel and just because it needed some engine work, the paint was faded, had to many squeaks and rattles.

You know It’s a good thing we can’t do to our parents or loved ones what we do to old cars, whatever the reasons we come up with that justifies our minds into thinking we need another new car. We’ll I guess it works, because you don’t see them on the road anymore.
OK, so you’ve made up your mind and convinced yourself you want, need and deserve a new vehicle, so you go down to the local car dealership because you want something new, something different, something that you think no one else has, but in reality the manufacturer has made hundreds of thousands of them, but at this point you don’t care you have the fever so you pick out that shiny new red one, and of course you want leather interior, am/fm cd player, mag rims and all the other bells and whistles it comes with and the salesman tally’s  it all up and he gives you the bottom line and you think to yourself I just want    a new car I don’t want to buy stock in the company, well you say to yourself maybe I don’t really need the mag wheels or leather interior or whatever else that will bring the price down.
By the time the salesman has talked you back into all those accoutrements    due to some creative financing, the price you pay for that new car plus the financing over three, five or even seven years you could have resurrected one of those fine rusting relics that you might have seen on flickr and restored it for not much more than you would have payed for that new one and you would still end up with something new, something different, and truly something that not everyone else has, which is what you wanted in the first place.

My ‘51 Chevrolet wagon was one of approximately 23,586 that were made and   it will turn sixty three years old this year. I have no Idea how many are left but there can’t be that many, My resurrection had been sitting in a field for 40 years all because the engine failed, and I have never seen one on the road only a few at a car show or in a magazine here and there.

Look i’m not trying to talk you out of buying a new car, if you feel that you have worked hard for it and you deserve it then by all means buy it, what i’m trying to say is you have other options that are opened to you, ones that you might like to explore, and in this day and age it’s important to recycle now more then ever, not just for the economy but most importantly it’s good for Mother Earth.
I hope I’ve given some of you a little food for thought about recycling and I hope some decide to rescue those cars or trucks or whatever your fancy is from the wrath of God or at the hands of Mother Nature.
Thank You



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