2012 LA Roadster Show – Swap Til you Drop

Bring your Money! Hot Rods & Parts for Swap at the 2012 LA Roadster Show

1932 hot rod, hemi hot rod, hot rod roadster, LA Roadster Show
Pinkees built 1932 Hot Rod

Friday of the LA Roadster Show means swap’n. This year is no exception with cars lined up fer-days waiting to get in and grab the primo swap spots. Just so you know, the gates don’t open until 5AM to park and wait for the other, main gates to open at about 10AM (sometimes sooner). Once inside, there’s no telling what you might find. Here’s my look around with my Pops enjoying the cooler California weather.

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Hot Rods and Customs

The first thing you’ll find at the LA Roadster Show is problably the most obvious. Like the nasty Hemi powered hot rod above with a severely cool rivet covered interior. If he could make the electric fuel injector setup disappear, this car would be even more of a show stopper… But there were other great rides to find, even when the focus of the day was setup.

1950 Ford, ford shoebox, LA Roadster Show
This 1950 Ford was enjoying some quite time on Friday before the big car show starts. I couldn’t resist catching the the brought-in palm trees to attempt the full Cali look.

1932 hot rod, deuce hot rod, hot rod 32, LA Roadster Show
This simple but elegant deuce hot rod oozed cool. Nothing is overstated and I guess that’s why I had to shoot it. Down and dirty, but wash-n-wear hot rod!

hot rod pickup, ford pickup, LA Roadster Show
Keeping the cool California hot rod theme running, who can resist this inline six powered pickup?

2012 LA Roadsters Show – The Swap

Arriving at a swap meet, hot rodders fill their heads with all the great deals they’ll find and how there’ll be so many great parts, INSIDE, it’ll be rough to even choose what to buy! Well, the best stuff doesn’t even make it inside. My buddy Rob sold a 3/4 sprint car he bought just this week IN LINE waiting to get to his swap space!

2012 LA Roadster Show
When you come to LA Roadster Show, don’t hesitate. There are buyers from all over the world and they know what they’re looking for and bring cash! This baby also had a sold sticker before it even got inside.

Still focusing on the swap, check this out:

ford flathead intake, rare ford flathead parts, LA Roadster Show
This was the leftovers! I’ll be back to find out about this flathead intake manifold vendor is all about…

Still in the Swap Meet… There’s some Stange Stuff too…

We’ll start from the envious position of, Slightly strange but very cool…

bonneville salt flats, salt flat racing, LA Roadster Show

I’ll also be back to explain what this hand crafted masterpiece is…

Then we’ll move onto a strange makes us want more:

miniature V8, working mini V8 engine, LA Roadster Show

Don’t-cha want to hear this run!

Then, what the?

2012 LA Roadster Show

These guys were having a blast saving their feet for Saturday by riding in these electric powered rigs. The VW is well done rolling-cool, but the gasser corvette’s my choice.


Finally, don’t think I’ll hit this show without showing it’s best pinstriping.

pinstriping, painted lettering, LA Roadster Show
Love this vintage styled lettering.

Stay tuned! There’s tons more pictures and coverage coming!

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See ya at the show!

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