2012 LA Roadster Show – The Shiny Roadsters

Fine and Finished Hot Rod Roadsters

hot rods, hot rod roadster, 2012 LA Roadster Show

Segregation Works

Segregation. It’s a word with a perfectly bad score for connotation. I’m hear to give it a boost and say… It works at the LA Roadster Show. Over here, a fantastic swap meet when you’re looking for that obscure 50s original part for your Caddy… Over there, a car show fit for everyone. Trucks, traditional hot rods, nose up street gassers and even a laid out Econoline van.

Then, there’s the “real” show… Over yonder…

Separated by a walk that your dog would turn down, but featuring a conditioned air main hall filled with go-fast goodies and hot rod art… and of course, the shiny, finished roadster that are, the LA Roadster Show. To get in, you need a finished, glossy painted car and no fixed windows. True roadster and no rats. Thank you, moving along…

Skip all this, I just want to see more pictures: 2012 LA Roadster Show photo gallery

The AZ Hot Rod Connection

hot rod, hot rod roadster, Squeeg's Kustom hot rod roadster, 2012 LA Roadster Show, hemi hot rod
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Making the trip out from Arizona, my home state in case you didn’t know… where two fine, real deal hot rods built by Squeeg’s Kustom. Heard that name? You should have cause owner Doug Jerger built the 2011 America’s Most Beautiful Roadster shown on these very grounds for the Grand National Roadster Show. (One of my other favorite shows)

I happened to nab owner Todd Stevens behind his nasty, injected Hemi powered deuce hot rod roadster in the shot on the right. Todd also has a driven-hard 1968 Shelby and a jaw dropping Merc. Dude knows his rides.

Orange + Sunlight = Happy Photographer

hot rods, 1934 ford roadster, 2012 LA Roadster Show

Above for Todd’s roadster, directly above for this 34 Ford Roadster and then below for the truckster (first shown at SEMA) owned by my friend Dennis Overholser of Painless Performance, the orange was glowing in the California sun! Dennis said the LA Roadster Show was on his bucket list of shows to do, but since he worked the Painless booth for most the day, I shot this and sent it to him. Anyone notice the missing “mens room” sign and that big-old vent thing that was on top of the building? (and sticking through the windshield of my shot!) Hooray for photo editing!

As you can see, the roadsters were lined about 10 deep.

hot rods, hot rod roadster, 2012 LA Roadster Show

The Simplest Recipe – Blown T-bucket

Getting it just right here, and showing near perfectly in the Socal sun, this hot rod T-bucket had all the right stuff served on a plate of awesome. Blown small block Chevy (looks like), polished five-spokes wrapped up in Coker Classic White Walls. The only thing missing is the sound. What do you guess? Muffled and mild and blower-whining BEAST!

hot rods, hot rod roadster, 2012 LA Roadster Show
I’m looking for the details on this car because I just emailed the shot over Coker. Email me

More Shiny Hot Rod Roadsters

But wait, there’s more! 39 more roadster pictures are waiting for you if you need more shots of the LA Roadster Show’s shining beauties. Take a look here: 2012 LA Roadster Show picture gallery.

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Thanks for looking, hope to see ya at the show next year on Father’s Day!

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